Sunday, September 5, 2010

Military Tattoo

The month of  August is "Festival" in Edinburgh.  The whole city is alive with thousands of visitors who have come to see all the unique shows and performing groups.  There are literally hundreds of venues from the classic opera to the "fringe" performances featuring some pretty off the wall folks.  It is a great time for street performers like this "one-man-band-on-a-bike".  There are dancers, singers, acrobats, bagpipers, etc.  The highlight of the "Festival" is "Tattoo".  This is a huge show held in the Castle esplanade with the Castle as its backdrop.  It features bands, pipers, drummers, and performers from all over the world.   It has been tradition for the missionaries to attend one performance each year, but with budget cuts, we have made this our last year.  The missionaries always love it and the ushers look forward to seeing them year after year.