Monday, February 22, 2010

You can imagine our excitement when our new mission car arrived this week.  We have been driving the mission van for the last 6 weeks while our car was caught in the Toyota "recall".  It arrived just in time for a long day of distant meeting and lots of driving. It only had 7 miles on it when we got it.  It now has well over 400, but that's not bad for 1/2 of a week.  It has heated leather seats.  And even more important, it has 2 automatic seat positions!  We think we have died and gone to heaven.  Even though we have had it less than a week it has lost its new car smell and now just smells like popcorn, peanuts, pretzels, or whatever other "stay-awake" food we've been munching.  It has a diesel engine so that is nice on the gas mileage AND the engine won't even try to turn over until after the glow-plugs have warmed up so I can stop goofing that up, like I did all the time on the van.  We loved the bench seat that the van had, BUT, I have to say that a smaller profile on these narrow streets definitely wins the prize!