Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy New Year! (Chinese, that is)

We have four wonderful Chinese speaking Elders here in Scotland.  One is from Taiwan, one is from Hong Kong and the other two are American citizens, called to Scotland to speak Chinese!  How would you like THAT call?  Anyway, we have found great success amongst the Chinese people and have had many baptisms.  As a special treat, the Chinese members in the Edinburgh Ward threw a Chinese New Year's Party for all of us.  They had singing and dancing, games and cultural presentations, and LOTS and LOTS of yummy food!  I wish you could have seen the mission home kitchen.  When I got home from Zone Conference last Friday afternoon my kitchen was just FULL of wonderful Chinese members scurry around making all kinds of traditional New Year's fare.  Oh my, was it delicious.  The party did much to teach about the Chinese culture, but even more important it was a perfect showcase for the many talents of these wonderful members.  After the program the Bishop was just inundated with Ward leaders requesting these sweet Chinese friends to receive callings in their auxiliaries.  This is such a HUGE step forward for us in letting the Ward leaders come to understand that new members have strong testimonies and can be given callings right away as soon as they join the church.  I know that this event was a real answer to Gary's and my prayers.