Saturday, February 13, 2010

Here is a picture of President Griffiths making that earthshaking phone call on Feb 3, 2010 to inform the missionaries that the missionaries of Ireland and of Scotland would soon join together to form the new, dynamic, Scotland Ireland Mission.  In the background of this picture you see a picture of two draft horses.  This is our mission "logo" for the year.  We entitled it "A long pull, a strong pull, a pull all together" (Joseph Smith).  This picture reminds us of so many things.  First of all, you can see the tension in the horses muscles showing that they are pulling hard, giving their all.  Next, you notice that they are equally yoked together, each bearing part of the strain.  When asked what these two horses represent, these are some of the answers the missionaries gave:
--a companionship
--a missionary linked with the Savior
--a companionship linked with the Holy Ghost
--the missionaries linked in working together with Ward leaders/members
AND now we can add the following:
--the missionaries of the Ireland Dublin Mission and the Scotland Edinburgh Mission working together to build the Lord's kingdom in this part of His vineyard